Relationship Tips
 A Guide
Looking to spice up your relationship with some cheeky and sexy  ideas? Well, you're in  for a treat. I'll provide you with some rough ideas, but remember the only limitation is your own imagination. These are intended for people who know each other quite well :)
Spontaneous Surprise
Do something unexpected.  Men love surprises. For instance, you could get some love coupons and have them delivered to him at work. The kind that says 'redeemable that evening'. That should give him something to look forward too. You could then take that idea further by maybe including a package, with a note attached saying 'not to be opened before 7pm' - that will intrigue him throughout the day. What should you put in the package? Use your imagination; it could be , a romantic gesture like a love poem, naughty gummy sweets, or items that will generate the right mood for whatever you have planned that evening.
Sassy  Show
For the  ladies, there's nothing like showing off that new Lingerie. Well, turn it into a night to remember and give your partner a sexy Lingerie show. Why buy those super sexy suspenders and bras if you ain't going to make the most of them. Let them watch you, and they're excitement will rise to the occassion. Use costumes if you like - Maid, Arabian Nights, bunny girl etc.
 Take keen note of our Guide, and apply them to your life!