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Mothers' Day Madness !
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Mothers' Day Madness !

Ladies this week it's all about You! I take this week to celebrate the Women of the World. With "Mothers' Day" only a few days away  I want to say in advance Happy Mothers' Day. To those of you who have a significant other I hope you will be pampered and spoiled, You  Deserve It.  To those of you who find your self single at the moment , don't feel left out , treat yourself to something spectalular, go get your hair done, spend the day at the spa, have dinner at a nice restaurant, Celebrate Yourself! I am a single mom and my significant other is not my daughter's dad, I look forward to the weekend surprise but before he came along i enjoyed "Mothers Day" just as much, so single Moms  I don't want you to feel left out. After all you are strong enough to  manage the chaos and challenges of motherhood. Everday I wake up and I see my little princess it's Mothers' Day for me and that's God's greatest gift to us all so Cherish it, Embrace it whole heartedly!